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Her Services

Providing Everything You Need


1-ON-1 Coaching

Receive 1-on-1 coaching with some of the best mentors around the world

  • What if you could work one-on-one with some of the smartest women in business?

  • What if you had a space and time where you could download your ideas, your thoughts, and even your fears to a trusted mentor?

  • And what if you had access to someone who’d been there herself who could help you work through the next steps in your business?


Peer Group Coaching

Gain experience and mentorship among a group of your fellow succeeding peers

  • A private space to focus on your business

  • A network of women business owners committed to growth

  • Proven practices to help you grow your business

  • Flexible private coaching for when you need added support

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VR Goggles
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Accelerator Programs

  • Weekly virtual classroom sessions

  • Collaborative goal-setting

  • Personalized attention to grow your business

  • Access to Her Corner’s proprietary curriculum, updated to reflect post-Covid strategies

  • Guidelines, templates, and financial models

  • Focused time to work on your business

  • Feedback from an experienced facilitator

  • The chance to present each month on the challenges and opportunities facing your business

  • One-on-one weekly personal business coaching in between sessions.

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