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The Her Corner Personas

Welcome to Her Corner, where our diverse community thrives with a place for everyone. Discover the persona that resonates with your journey.

  1. Community Subscriber: Engage, learn, and grow within our supportive network without a formal membership commitment.

  2. Boutique Member: Tailored for those seeking personalized coaching and resources, a boutique experience for focused growth.

  3. Traditional Member: Our core membership offers a comprehensive toolkit for entrepreneurial success.

  4. Alumni: For those who've completed their Her Corner journey but remain part of our extended family, sharing their wisdom.

  5. Facilitator: Empower others by guiding discussions and sharing expertise within our vibrant community.

  6. Partner (Program): Collaborate on programs, bringing your expertise to shape our offerings.

  7. Partner (Sponsor): Support and connect with our dynamic community, fostering entrepreneurial innovation.

Find your place at Her Corner, where success takes many forms, and together, we inspire greatness.

Subscriber Sharon

PERSONA: Community Subscriber

Sharon, a federal employee with a passion for skincare and wellness, has embarked on an exciting journey as an aspiring entrepreneur. Inspired by her own positive experiences with her products, she is
eager to delve into the world of entrepreneurship, although she hasn't yet fully committed to her business venture.
Sharon understands that in order to achieve growth and success, she needs access to valuable business expertise and guidance. She envisions a community that provides her with the necessary resources, flexibility, and opportunities for future support,
allowing her to learn and progress at her own pace.

Sharon’s Pain
Sharon, an emerging solopreneur, lacks experience, knowledge, and a supportive network in entrepreneurship. Time constraints and limited financial resources are also of concern. She wants to join a network of a supportive network that will enable her to take a big step forward for her business.

Sharon's Needs
Sharon desires a supportive community of women entrepreneurs where she can connect, learn from, and potentially collaborate with like-minded individuals. Sharon wants access to a diverse network of women entrepreneurs across various industries to expand her
knowledge and opportunities for partnership. She also seeks resource materials that are practical, manageable, and can be implemented without overwhelming her workload.


The Her Corner Benefit
Her Corner offers a free community subscriber tier that provides Sharon with access to valuable resources, allowing her to stay informed about the latest trends and insights into entrepreneurship. As a member of Her Corner, Sharon becomes part of a unique educational community and gains access to a network of dynamic entrepreneurs from hundreds of industries.

Image by alex starnes

Ambitious Anika

PERSONA: Boutique Member

Anika is a talented and creative first-generation entrepreneur who launched her home decor business one year ago. Her unique designs, inspired by the state flowers of each U.S. state, quickly gained popularity, leading to explosive growth for her venture. While her products are of great quality, she is having a hard time managing the demands of her rapidly expanding business. She is eager to learn and formalize her business processes and recognizes the importance of building a strong foundation for long-term success in the competitive home decor industry. Anika is seeking a hub for mentorship, industry insights, and access to business expertise. She is determined to explore avenues that will support her growth and ensure the sustainability of her business.

Anika’s Pain

Without any business knowledge, Anika is having a tough time navigating challenges as an entrepreneur. The rapid expansion has placed considerable strain on her available resources, and she needs strategic advice to sustain success. While Anika places great value on education, she also desires flexibility in her learning journey. She is also worried about idea theft.

Anika’s Needs

Anika is in need of expertise and guidance to bridge her knowledge gaps and make well-informed decisions. Right now, she lacks the resources to hire a dedicated business coach, making her need for support even more pressing. Although unsure about the exact level of assistance she requires, Anika remains open-minded and enthusiastic about exploring options that offer tailored support within a non-competitive environment.

The Her Corner Benefit

By becoming a Her Corner member, Anika will receive guidance from the experienced staff to connect with a mentor who specializes in her industry. Alternatively, she can opt for a self-guided approach, accessing Her Corner's exclusive framework, which allows her to progress at her own pace. Additionally, Anika will have the opportunity to engage in supportive, non-competitive peer group sessions. For more support, she can also join the accelerator program.

Image by Zoe Fernandez

Resilient Rita

PERSONA: Traditional Member

Rita is a seasoned entrepreneur who has successfully operated a unique concept store for over 12 years. Her store combines a retail space, café, and restaurant, offering customers a distinctive shopping experience.  With an annual recurring revenue (ARR) exceeding $300,000, Rita has built a strong foundation for her business and currently employs 8 people. With a solid foundation in place, Rita is now setting her sights on taking her business to new heights: to exceed $800,000 in annual revenue and expand her team. She is not tech-savvy, but she understands the significance of leveraging technology and digital platforms to grow. she eagerly seeks networking opportunities to learn from other women in business, while also sharing her own valuable insights with them.

Rita’s Pain

Like many businesses, Rita has faced significant financial challenges as a result of the pandemic. In order to adapt, she ventured into e-commerce despite
having no prior knowledge of its workings. Now, she is actively seeking guidance to optimize her financial management and explore avenues for increasing
profitability, both online and offline.

Rita’s Needs

Rita’s primary focus is to regain momentum in the business landscape post-pandemic. She is determined to future-proof her business and seek guidance from experts who are experienced in operating and growing businesses in a recovering market. She is also actively seeking a truly supportive community of women who understand what it is like to operate a business.

The Her Corner Benefit

Her Corner offers a tailored solution to address Rita’s needs and pain points. As a member, Rita will be guided by Her Corner staff to connect with a mentor
who specializes in her industry. Alternatively, she can choose the self-guided route and access Her Corner's proprietary framework, which can be completed at her own pace. Moreover, Rita will have the option to participate in non-competitive peer group sessions and join the accelerator program.

Image by Taylor Deas-Melesh

Alumna Anna


Anna is a successful entrepreneur who has previously completed Her Corner programs. She has a thriving business and is known for her leadership in her
industry. As an alumna, Anna seeks ongoing support and connections to continue her growth trajectory. She values community and collaboration, always eager to learn from like-minded women entrepreneurs. Anna is passionate about giving back and hopes to inspire others through her achievements.

Anna’s Pain

Anna finds it challenging to maintain momentum after completing Her Corner programs. She craves ongoing support and connections to sustain her growth. She desires a community where she can continue to learn and collaborate with other successful women entrepreneurs.

Anna’s Needs

Anna needs access to a network of experienced entrepreneurs, continued learning opportunities, and resources to stay updated on industry trends. She seeks a supportive community where she can connect with
like-minded individuals and share her knowledge and experiences.

The Her Corner Benefit

Her Corner provides Anna with an exclusive network of successful women entrepreneurs, enabling her to continue building meaningful connections and
collaborations. The platform offers ongoing learning resources, keeping her up-to-date with industry trends and insights. Through Her Corner's supportive
community, Anna can give back by sharing her experiences and expertise while gaining inspiration and valuable support to sustain her growth trajectory.
Her Corner ensures Anna remains connected, motivated, and empowered in her entrepreneurial journey as a respected alumna.

Image by bruce mars

Expert Emma

PERSONA: Facilitator

Emma is a working mother who climbed the ranks to become the VP of Finance at a Fortune 100 company. Emma, a highly accomplished professional, has
amassed over a decade of experience in leadership positions within the healthcare, wellness, and beauty industries. However, her dedication extends beyond
her corporate roles. Outside of her corporate responsibilities, Emma spends her time mentoring, teaching, or engaging in speaking opportunities. Drawing from her own firsthand experiences as a woman in high-pressure corporate environments, she is passionate about sharing knowledge and supporting young entrepreneurs, especially women. She wants to help women business owners navigate the challenges of the business world with confidence.

Emma’s Pain

Emma is struggling to balance her work and mentoring commitments. Her main challenge lies in the demanding nature of her meeting schedules and the occasional mismatch between herself and the mentees she is paired with.

Emma’s Needs

Emma wants to bolster her thought leadership profile and become a respected voice in her industry. She desires a broader platform to share her expertise,
experiences, and insights, with women entrepreneurs. She also seeks to connect with like-minded female leaders and seeks an organization that aligns with her
values and provides a platform for interaction, collaboration, and support. She wants to focus her time on those she can best assist and utilize her industry

The Her Corner Benefit

Her Corner provides Emma with a platform to showcase expertise, engage with entrepreneurs, and contribute thought leadership. Their matching process pairs
facilitators with members who can benefit from their expertise, eliminating guesswork. Joining as a facilitator allows Emma to expand her network, and participate in speaking engagements and workshops, improving her thought leadership profile.

Image by Christina @

Partner Penny

PERSONA: Partner (Program)

Penny works as a program manager at a Chamber of Commerce and is in charge of an initiative that supports Women-Owned Small Businesses (WOSBs). She understands the unique challenges these businesses face and are responsible for sourcing coaching and support services to help them thrive. Penny is passionate about empowering WOSBs and is always on the lookout for valuable resources to
enhance their growth opportunities. She values partnerships and seeks trusted coaching providers that align with her organization's mission.

Penny’s Pain

Penny struggles to find reliable coaching support tailored specifically for WOSBs within her organization's network. She needs a trusted partner who understands the unique challenges faced by WOSBs and can provide targeted coaching services to support their growth and success.

Penny’s Needs

Penny needs a coaching partner who specializes in supporting WOSBs and offers tailored programs to meet their specific needs. She seeks a provider who understands the unique challenges and can offer resources, expertise, and networking opportunities to enhance the growth potential of the WOSBs she

The Her Corner Benefit

Her Corner becomes Penny's trusted coaching partner, providing specialized programs and resources tailored to the needs of WOSBs. With Her Corner's expertise, Penny gains access to targeted coaching services, which she can share with her members, designed to address the unique challenges faced by the WOSBs within her organization's network. The partnership with Her Corner enhances Penny's ability to empower and support the growth of WOSBs, ultimately leading to their increased success and impact on the business world.

Image by Christina @

Sponsor Cara

PERSONA: Partner (Sponsor)

Cara is an influential figure working as the Head of Sustainability at a prominent Fortune 500 company. Cara and her team are dedicated to advancing
opportunities for women in the workforce, whether it be in leadership roles of as entrepreneurs. As more and more women are initiating businesses in the U.S., her organization has shifted its focus, commitment, and dollars to find avenues that directly support women business owners.

Cara’s Pain

Cara’s main challenge lies in finding a reputable, and credible partner that can provide a diverse range of services to Women-Owned Small Businesses (WOSBs)
of different sizes. She seeks a partner that deeply understands the landscape, and is able to effectively cater to the variety of needs of WOSBs.

Cara’s Needs

Cara is looking for organizations that boast a strong network of WOSBs. She prefers to form a long-term relationship with an organization that is fully equipped to provide tangible results through practical guidance applicable to WOSBs. Cara also wants to elevate the name of her organization in the community.

The Her Corner Benefit

Our participants have reported an average increase of 46% in sales after completing our Accelerator Program. We have a vast network of women entrepreneurs spanning across industries and growth stages. By sponsoring our memberships, accelerator programs, peer groups, and one-on-one coaching, Cara’s company can directly support women whose businesses have created employment opportunities and made contributions to the economy.

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