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Ask A Boss #011

Updated: May 17

Thanksgiving festivities fully kicked off the holiday season of sharing food, family, and accomplishments. As business owners, we also are evaluating 2022 happenings to celebrate. Looking forward to 2023, let’s continue to be grateful but consider it may be time to push even harder and be greedy for more success. Look at the stats, the numbers don’t lie! Grateful Stats The Impact Group has found that organizations prefer women in leadership roles. Female leaders achieve 90% retention rates.

In 2021 there were 1821 businesses started every day by women and we’re still climbing in 2022. That is 665,000+ new women-owned businesses in a singular year according to Fundera. A Need for Greed This survey represents the gender gap by state. Her Corner members across the country are experiencing varying levels of wage gap depending on where they live. Nonetheless, the wage gap is still apparent as women continue to make on average 82 cents to every dollar that their male counterpart makes. Where is my $.18? Give us all our coins, please!

Women make up 82.5% of lone entrepreneurs (compared to 69.8% of male entrepreneurs). This is because women are more likely to be self-employed than men,(Aug 8, 2022) Let’s continue pushing and closing the gap! You got this, with the support of HerCorner and OurCorner (coming soon), so let’s get it done. Want guidance while scaling your business to assist in closing the wealth gap in 2023? Plan to attend our next Her Corner Info Session – First Fridays

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