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Her Independence Day

What does Independence mean for you as a business owner?

During peer groups and coaching sessions we often discuss the reasons for why we started a business. In 2022, 57.9% wanted to be their own boss, 29.82% wanted to pursue their passion, while 21% were bored or financially insecure.

In and outside of the Her Corner community, the common denominator for becoming a business owner is Freedom. More attention than ever is now being placed on women business owners. Everywhere you turn someone is promoting balance, mental health preservation, how to work more efficiently, and there is a how-to list for just about every business topic you can imagine.

Be careful not to allow all these resources to increase the pressure on you to perform more like cell phones and the Internet did over the past two decades. Quiet the noise and focus on creating the independence and freedom you want. What sense does it make to work so hard and so well, if you aren’t creating the business and life you want? Like the Statue of Liberty standing proudly, please remember your value to other women business owners who are straddling the decision to scale their hobby into a business or take the leap to buy another business. You symbolize what is possible and what it means to be a badass! Check out this article for more information on women’s business trends and see how you and your fellow founders are making an impact.

Let’s give this Independence Day our own little twist. How will you celebrate all you have done to develop your business? Show us with a photo using #IndependentBoss on social media. You’ve Got This, So Let’s Get It Done!

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